Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Happy to announce that we were able to set-up another CHIP HITS THE FAN this year! It will be on the 15.11.2014 and this is the first time, our festival come along with a movie-screening and even better is, that you can watch the latest and freshest chiptune movie documentary called EUROPE IN 8 BITS by Javier Polo.
This became only possible due to a new cooperation with the music-documentary festival notes on music.
After the movie you can join a Q & A session with MEN OF MEGA - a Gameboy-liveact which also appears in there.

Europe in 8 bits Teaser in English von europe8bits

Then we start the live-show with a short OPEN STAGE followed by this line-up:

irq7 (AT)

+ 8-Bit Visuals by back to Newc45tle (DE)!

For more information visit our Facebook event or chiphitsthefan.de.
All about the movie you can find at notes on music.

The festival including the movie will be at the K├╝nstlerhaus N├╝rnberg (upstairs this time!).

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Live at PLAY14 in Hamburg!

After a long summer-break a bunch of liveshows are upcoming!
The next irq7 concert in on Friday the 19.11.2014 at the PLAY14 - a Festival for Creative Gaming in Hamburg.

At 11:00 you can listen to a short presentation about Chiptune and living in the Dot-Matrix and in the afternoon I have also the honour to give a Gameboymusic-Workshop (in German language) for Chiptune-newcomer and people who are interested in making music with their favourite handheld.

Support: The HuitBeat Dance Collective