Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stylophone Beatbox Mod

This is a Stylophone Beatbox with a small but useful modification. I simple added two push-buttons on the left side. They are in parallel with the rec/play-pads and useful to reduce the delay, when you try to record a new loop.

DMG with half-speed crystal

Here you can see my "half-speed modded" Gameboy with Pro-Sound and white buttons (the simplest way to distinguish the members of my little Gameboy-family). I just replaced the original crystal-oscillator with one running at half-speed (2.097152 MHz). Just like Pro-Sound, it's a simple but very useful modification. On LSDJ you can play now one octave lower, so you can use it for bass-tracks. Surprisingly, the synchronisation with a normal DMG works also very well. The device can be master or as slave. Editing on this Gameboy is not very recommended, because the MMI is running slow as well and the screen flickers heavily. But you can write the tracks on a normal DMG and use the half-speed device just for performing the transposed track.

I tried the noise-generating software "Death Ray" from Pixelh8 on my half-speed DMG.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gameboy with Pitch Mod

This is my first pitch-modded Gameboy. It uses the GetLoFi LTC1799 Precision Oscillator and also include the Pro-Sound modification.

With the potentiometer, you can control the clock seamless.
There is also a switch include to activate the original oscillator, but sometimes LSDJ crash when you try to switch between the different clock-sources.
There is not much space for the poti and switch, so I have to twiddle around to make it fitting.
You can also synchronize the the DMG with unmodded devices.

The transparent housing was a present from a friend of mine. He want me to destroy it on a live-show to pimp-up my performance, but I don't have the heart to do it =)
On the first Video, I use LSDJ and in the second one, the noise-software "Shitwave" is bended.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gameboy Backlight Modification

This is my first backlight-modification for the Gameboy. I ordered the backlight at Project GB. The modification wasn't that easy because a didn't find a link on the product-site to a detailed description. But on the web are a some helpful sites with detailed descriptions (here and here) and also some videos about the modification on youtube.

The trickiest part is to remove the background-foil with a stanley-knife.
Here are all the needed parts including the removed foil (top middle).
The power-led and the resistor R1 is already removed (bottom left).
The big resistor is for the led-panel.

Additionally, I did a Pro Sound modification, but without destroying the original headphone-output. So I add a second headphone-socket on the left side. I also ordered some "black as the night" - buttons at Kitsch Bent plus some replacement screens saying "CHIPMUSIC IN STEREO".

And now.... Let there be light!