Wednesday, August 17, 2011

irq7 - Girls 'n' Gameboys EP

It's time for my next release called "Girls 'n' Gameboys".
After a lot of cover-versions on the "It's not me EP", I decided to have more own songs on the follow-up release and here you are! Well - there is at least _one_ cover-song on the EP. Sorry, but I could not resist ;)

First I have to mention the awesome cover-artwork done by Vera. This not only saved a lot of work for me - it also looks sooo much better than everything I did before.
Thanks for all Vera! :)

This EP is also featuring a song with my own vocals called "Jamie & Me". The whole thing was heavily inspired by my personal muse called Irina. She also fixed my bad English. Me like!

Another novelty is the usage of amen-breaks in some songs. Don't expect high-quality samples, but the breaks were well received on my performance at The Tank/NY :D
Of course all songs were produced with one Gameboy Classic and LSDj.

I also did a short C64-demo featuring the first song of the EP:

1.) Bad Taste
2.) Terror Uschi
3.) Godmode
4.) Get Ready (cover)
5.) Jamie & Me
6.) Coma
7.) 1988

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