Monday, August 10, 2009

The Noizebox is finished!

I completed the NOIZEBOX during my vacation. Now it has the radioactive-like recycling-logo and it's own name on it. The yellow paint is usually used for marking trees in the forest!

The cover can be used as seat and is made of speaker-drapery(?).

Now you can sit down on the NOIZEBOX and e.g. play some tunes with your Gameboy like the following video shows:

An here is a picture of the first Sit-In ...ahem Sit-On:

How do you like the T-Shirt? =)

On the backside NOIZEBOX I made a hole for audio-cables used during the performance. Inside the NOIZEBOX there is the Power-Amp(hehe, 2x12Watt!), the lead-accu and the Power-Box. The Power-Box provide power for al components within the NOIZEBOX. I will show it to you on another post.


  1. ja sehr geil!! noizebox mit gameboy und schaumstoffauflage (für den alten herrn:)) - die subsonischen kommen bei mir nicht ganz an, aber das vergnügen ist ja auf deine seite. bis zum nächste mal - dann sponsere ich einen getränkehalter für die lange ausfahrt :)

  2. hehe - ja ein getränkehalter wär schon was innovatives =)