Sunday, November 1, 2009

Arduino Punk Console

Huh! ...being quite busy last month. Now I'm back in "Bastel-Business" with a 8-step tone sequencer called Arduino Punk Console (APC). It's based on a project from Beavis Audio Research and includes a Arduino-Board with an Atmel328 .
On the upper-left is the volume-knob and the 3 knobs in a row are for Duration, Frequency and Tempo of the tone-sequence. The frequency of each step can be set separatly. Just hold one of the step-buttons and adjust the frequency-knob at the same time.
The display(16 digits x 2 lines) from Sparkfun has a serial interface which is very easy to use.

Currently the only problem is, that I have to hold the start/stop-button permanently to hear the sequence. I will fix this in the software soon. There is also a small bug in the wiring-diagram on the homepage : The red-line to the "tempo" potentiometer is missing.

I also left some space for more potentiometers on the right side. A feature-merge of the Auduino would be cool.

I uploaded a video showing the APC in live-action!

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