Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thingamagoop 2 finished!

Lots of troubles during soldering this lovely sound-robot called "Thingamagoop2". I have to admit that I was very impatient this time, to get this guy working.
First the voltage regulator 78L05 was not included in the kit and I have to take a 7805 as substitute. The 7805 is much bigger and I had to fiddle around to solder it on the PCB.
Next thing was the description in the manual, how to solder the button on the PCB. There is a inconsistency between the picture and the text (the picture is correct, the text wrong). Dr. Bleep told me, that they send me the wrong instruction, so this should not happen to you. Also take care that you do not heat the button up too much when soldering, because the pins are very sensitive (I nearly ruined mine).
At the end I forgot to solder the 2 leads to the switch-pot, which was my failure (RTFM...).

Finally it is working and rocks like hell! I can just recommend this kit which comes with a pre-drilled housing what saves a lot of work. The sound is much complexer than it's forerunner.
I think there are tons of videos already online, but anyway - here is mine =)

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