Sunday, September 12, 2010


It is very annoying, if you do a liveset and the your headphone is crackling because of a defective connection (or "Wackelkontakt" in german which is maybe a good bandname for a noiseband =). Anyway - I decided to add two RCA's on the top of my gameboy. There is enough space for the RCA's without the need to remove/cut parts from the inside. I already have a Pro-Sound Modification on the bottom which can be adjusted with the volume-wheel of the Gameboy. So I decided to have a fixed output volume on the RCA's, which can be connect in parallel to the Pro-Sound.
I tried it with two different type of RCA-jacks: The bigger one in gold and the smaller you see in the picture above. It was very complicated to integrate the big gold-jacks in the Gameboy-housing (but the look a lot better =). I had to carefully remove parts of the PCB which took a lot of time, so I recommend the smaller RCA-jacks.

Here is a view from the inside (ignore the strange resistor on the right side - it is use for the backlight-mod).

This is how I connected the Pro-Sound and the RCA's to the volume-control. Please note that the Pro-Sound is connected wrong on the headphone-socket: You have to flip the black with the red wire on the Pro-Sound socket(lower right).

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