Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gameboy Tronified!

A few days ago I ordered some El-wire (0.9 mm) in a webshop only to try it out. I also bought a so called "inverter" which transforms the battery-voltage from 3V DC to more than 100V AC. The inverter is very small and fits perfect into the Gameboy. I soldered the power-supply of the inverter to the first two batteries in the Gameboy. Because I use this Gameboy only for live-performances, I did not add a extra switch to turn-on/off the El-wire (the wire consumes about 60mA). At the end I just glued the EL-wire around the Gameboy with superglue. Together with the blue backlight everything looks very harmonious....and now we have to enter the system and fight the MCP! :D

The inverter does not need much space.

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