Wednesday, August 17, 2011

irq7 live

I got a lot of request for playing some live-gigs.
So check-out irq7 playin live in your city. I will regularly update the dates here and on facebook.

31.08.2011 ARS Electronica Center, Linz
This is not a real irq7 gig, but I can play some songs as a part of the famous Gameboymusicclub at the same event where I got the first contact with this nice people from Vienna:
The ARS Electronica!

We are playing at the opening-ceremony in the ARS Electronica Quater which is in the front of the ARS Electronica Center. The Tesla Orchestra is also playing! I mean check this out:

16.09.2011 chip - nyte, Frankfurt, Stereo Bar (irq7, Sabrepulse, Stern Fucking Zeit)
Whoooooomp! I have a gig with the awesome Sabrepulse and the Gameboy hardcore legend Stern Fucking Zeit :D

17.09.2011 Planet 8Bit, Schwäbisch Hall, Club Alpha 60 (irq7, Sputnik Booster)
The free German radio-station is celebrating a big chiptune-night also featuring Sputnik Booster and a screening of the chiptune-documentation" Reformat the Planet".
Don't miss that!

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