Sunday, August 25, 2013

Compilations, Compilations...

No new irq7 release for such a long time! Scandal.
Well - as you might notice I was playing a lot of live-shows since the last EP and at least contribute to some compilations. Here they are!

90's Cover Compilation / COUCOU
My first compilation I ever attended was the "90's Covers Compilation" hosted by the Italian netlabel COUCOU. The track "Dark Side of the Moon" nearly didn't made it to the playlist and was added last-minute as a bonustrack. At the time the song was released, it was my most advanced one featuring vocoder-vocals, samples from the movie "Iron Sky" and a complex composition with just one Gameboy. Maybe my own mastering was a bit poor. I tried to make it better and put the slightly remastered version on soundcloud. The whole compilation was really good quality a fun to listen!

80's Cover Compilation / COUCOU
Right after the 90's Compilation, COUCOU initiated a follow up featuring the 80's (guess what's next? ;-) . For that release I decided to have vocals again, but instead of using the vocoder I want to go back to my "Jamie & Me" - roots using heavy distortion on my voice to disguise my singing-skills a bit. Unusual for an international compilation I choose a (even in Germany) mostly unknown, but awesome song called "Polarlicht" by the New Wave band "X-mal Deutschland". I first heard that song also as cover-version by the Slovenian Industrial-Metal band "Coptic Rain" which is one of my all-time favorite. Ever!

PXL -WIN Compilation  / PXL-BOT
 After so many cover-version I tried to made a own song to submit it to the "Chiptune = Win Vol. 2". Well - I failed to get on the playlist of that compilation (which is a really good one but just does not fit to my contributed song or vice versa ;-)
The makers of  "Chiptune = Win" offer me to be on a side compilation which hosts a bunch of brilliant tracks who also didn't made it, but are still awesome enough to be on the "Pxl-Win Compilation". My track "Twisted" was very well mastered by Pxl-Bot and got number 3 on the playlist which made me even more lucky. The positive responses on soundcloud are just astounding!

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