Saturday, July 25, 2009

The "Tiny Boxes" concept

To keep all electronic components inside the NOIZEBOX modular, I go and get some empty plastic-cases and start soldering/assembling.
Now I like to present you an overview of all finished components:

The "Power"-Amp
Consists of two amplifier kits with 2 x 12 Watt (if the weather is fine =). The PCB's are mounted inside an amplifier-case from a defect car-amp. The stress-test is still not passed.

The "Little Brother"
This is a small amp compared to The Power-Amp but powerful enough to drive the car front-speaker in the middle of the NOIZEBOX.

The Preamp
For adding audio-sources with weak output I have this mono-preamp. On the Picture there is a piezo-microphone attached which works fine and really sounds lo-fi =)

The Equalizer
Consists of a old Kit from Conrad-Elektronik bought before the millennium. The Equalizer has fantastic features like treble, bass, volume and pan. Everything in full stereo of course. Wow. I can't keep my hands off. =)

The Condensator-Mic-Preamp and the Isolating Transformer
This tiny boxes are also very useful. The Preamp(on the left side)has a big microphone-jack.
The Isolating Transformer (on the right side) is passive (without any power-supply). He avoid ground-loop humming which should not occour on this battery-powered system - but anyway.


  1. sehr geil! - das dsd gehäuse wartet schon auf seinen einsatz - die dsp wirds nun wohl schon billiger geben :)
    oder wird sid verbaut?

  2. Glaube nicht, dass ich den orginal-DSP verbaue. Habe ja auch kein Board von dem Ding. Lieber was neues machen. Mal schaun was mir dazu noch einfällt. SID wird wohl eher nicht werden. Das wäre eine zu komplexe MMI.