Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recycle, Reuse, Repair, Retro

I had the idea while cleaning-up my room filled with car-hifi, defect amplifier-kits, unused preamps with loose wires around empty speaker-cases.
Why throw everything away? Why not build something new out of this "teenage electronic waste"? There were this big speaker-cases with rolls on the bottom and the car-hifi-speakers which inspired me to build a new, portable speaker-system. Roll's makes you mobile either car-amplifiers. Just a small lead-accumulator and there it is: The little NOIZEBOX.

Everything can be build quick & dirty and without additional cost.

On another day I cut-down the big empty speaker-case to a transportable size.
Enough space for the battery, amplifier and some additional electronic devices.
For easier transportation I've bought some small handles at my local building center.
Take a look a the first pictures of my NOIZEBOX:

A view from above shows where to put all the electronic devices inside the NOIZEBOX:

Behind the speakers, there is enough space for the accu and car-amplifier.

And the the trouble begins. I had to buy a lead-accu and I did. But I did a mistake and took the 6V accu which is not suitable for a 12V amp(Remember: Accu with 3 cells = 6V - see the picture above). The store won't take it back, so I have to buy another one *argl*.


  1. und ein soundbeispiel, wer macht den dann den krach mit der sauren apfel energie? die noizebox zur schnellen beschallung und für taz? - temporary autonom zone - super sache - hakim bay würde ich freuen :)

  2. hehe - hab eher an eine TLZ (temporäre laute zone) gedacht =)
    ist aber in der tat als mobile beschallung gedacht für kleinere spontane aktionen.