Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thing-a-ma robot

Oooops I did it again.... No - not this time. I assembled this Thing-a-ma robot for a friend of mine who is currently very busy because of a little bit bigger project. So this robot is unfortunately not mine.
After a half a day work I finished it. The kit is neat designed and the instruction-manual is very detailed with many pictures and funny drawings.
On Thing-a-ma you can vary the sound with the knobs/switches and the two LED's mounted on the top of the antennas. The "eyes" are LDR's whichare reacting on the blinking LED's. Just checkout the video to get a better impression:

The Thing-a-ma has a build-in spreaker which is a bit small, but you can connect it also with a mono-jack on the side with a bigger sound-system. Maybe a little disadvantage is, that the 9V battery can only be changed by opening the housing with a screwdriver. But a separate battery-compartment would made the kit maybe more expensive. To sum it up: The Thing-a-ma-kit is solid, easy to build and the sound is very versatile.

Here is another video, I made today showing the Thinggama connected to with my NOIZEBOX.

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