Friday, July 9, 2010

Gameboy Backlight Modification

This is my first backlight-modification for the Gameboy. I ordered the backlight at Project GB. The modification wasn't that easy because a didn't find a link on the product-site to a detailed description. But on the web are a some helpful sites with detailed descriptions (here and here) and also some videos about the modification on youtube.

The trickiest part is to remove the background-foil with a stanley-knife.
Here are all the needed parts including the removed foil (top middle).
The power-led and the resistor R1 is already removed (bottom left).
The big resistor is for the led-panel.

Additionally, I did a Pro Sound modification, but without destroying the original headphone-output. So I add a second headphone-socket on the left side. I also ordered some "black as the night" - buttons at Kitsch Bent plus some replacement screens saying "CHIPMUSIC IN STEREO".

And now.... Let there be light!

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