Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gameboy Bluetooth Mod

I had the idea to enable wireless audio on the gameboy in a very simple and cheap way. For that purpose I used a pair of small a2dp-bluetooth devices.

The sender is mounted with a velcro-strip on my DMG. This is a easy way to remove the device, if not needed and you don't have to hassle with space in your Gameboy.

For the receiver I decided to remove the PCB from the original housing, because it cannot be charged during audio-streaming. So I removed the battery and add permanent power-supply and for a better handling I also exchanged the buttons with bigger-ones. With the buttons you can pair another bluetooth-device, change the volume or skip tracks (if supported on the remote side).

The system works fine for me, but as I expected, there is a audio-latency about a half second.
I can't wait to test the system on stage :D

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