Sunday, February 27, 2011

GORF !!!

The GORF is a 8-step midi-sequencer by Vacoloco. I build this device some month ago, but never had the time to post it here. The PCB is well designed and all components are mounted on it in a very space-saving way. To polish my grey housing a little bit, I put stickers on it which showing the logo from the Austrian TV-station ORF. The "G" in the logo comes from their payment-division called GIS (yes - everyone with a TV has to pay for the public-television in Austria, even if he is just watching the private-channels). But the name of the sequencer is from an 80ies video-game.

Here is a video showing the Gorf controlling my SX-150 via the CV from the MidiVox:

It's very easy and intuitive to program the GORF. You can also change and send Midi-CC.
When you connect your MIDI-keyboard to the gorf, you can transpose the programmed patterns.

There is still a problem in the GORF-firmware when using another bank than the first. The firmware if available, but you need an AVR-programmer to change it. I installed the programming-interface and the MIDI-In and MIDI-Out.

Here is a picture of the plain PCB and some nice close-ups:

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  1. This is really cool. I just got my MidiVox kit in the mail, but you're making me seriously envious of your GorF (and even the SX-150.)